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Friedman Law Offices – Efficient.  Effective.  Affordable.

Attorney Benjamin Friedman constantly strives to employ the most cutting edge technologies to increase productivity and efficiency.  By employing the most advanced case management systems and document production programs, Friedman Law Offices can produce more work product in a shorter period of time.  What does this really mean?  This means that your work gets done faster and for less money – it does not get any better than that.

The Friedman Law Office guarantee:


I know that you when you need to hire a lawyer you are going through a difficult time. I also know that when you need to speak with your lawyer you do not want to wait a long time for a return phone call. At Friedman Law Offices client phone calls are ALWAYS returned the same day! I even give every client my cell phone number for emergency situations.


Friedman Law Offices offers flat fee billing for divorce, dissolution, child custody, child support and bankruptcy matters. Flat fee billing means that you pay a set fee for each specific type of case. The benefit of flat fee billing is that you know the total price right from the start. No need to worry about costs spiraling out of control. Friedman Law Offices also offers free consultations.


I know that it is inconvenient to have to travel from your home or job to attend a meeting with your lawyer. To the greatest extent possible I encourage clients participate in virtual meetings. I appreciate the fact that you have a busy life. I realize that you cannot always leave work before 5:00 to come to my office. To accommodate YOUR schedule I offer evening and weekend appointments.


At Friedman Law Offices you will always receive high quality legal representation. Attorney Benjamin Friedman focuses his practice on the areas of family law and consumer bankruptcy so that he can dedicate himself to these fields. Having a limited practice provides a greater opportunity to stay abreast of changes in the law.