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What is a dissolution?

A dissolution is a non-adversarial legal proceeding to terminate the marriage relationship.  Parties seeking a dissolution must reach an agreement regarding the division of property, and if applicable, the allocation of parental rights and the payment of spousal support.

A couple seeking a dissolution will file a Petition for Dissolution and a Separation Agreement with the Court.  If the parties have children and they have decided to have shared parenting there will also be a Shared Parenting Plan.  The Court will then schedule a hearing where both parties must be present.  The hearing will take place between 30 and 90 days after the Petition for Dissolution is filed with the Court.  Generally, the entire dissolution process can be completed within three months or less, whereas a divorce with children can commonly take substantially longer to complete.

Divorce or Dissolution – Which is Better?

A dissolution offers several advantages over a divorce for couples wishing to terminate their marriage.  A dissolution is significantly less expensive, faster and more amicable than a divorce.  However, a dissolution is not appropriate in all circumstances.  Prior to deciding whether a divorce or dissolution is appropriate in your circumstances you should consult with your attorney.