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Before you file your divorce you MUST have been a resident of Ohio for at least 6 months immediately prior to filing.  Additionally, you must have been a resident of the county in which you file for at least 90 days preceding the filing of the divorce.

Example: Husband and Wife live in Ohio for 10 years and then move to Indiana. Wife learns that Husband is cheating and she returns to Ohio and decides to file for divorce.  Can Wife file for divorce as soon as she gets back to Ohio?  No.  Wife must be a resident of Ohio for at least 6 months immediately before filing the complaint.


If you are a member of Armed Forces, the fact that you have been stationed outside of the state will not prevent you from filing your divorce in Ohio.  Unless a Armed Forces member voluntarily elects to change their domicile they remain a resident of Ohio throughout their service, regardless of where they are stationed.

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