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I know that the divorce and dissolution process is difficult.  I understand that the emotional and financial stresses associated with divorce and dissolution are scary and stressful.  The goal at Friedman Law Offices is to assist you through this difficult time by providing compassionate and affordable representation.

Friedman Law Offices is dedicated to providing the most cost efficient divorce and dissolution representation possible.  To ensure that you are getting the best value, we have two different types of legal representation to accommodate your needs.

Standard Ohio Divorce & Dissolution Representation

Our standard Ohio divorce and dissolution representation packages include all of the bells and whistles that you would typically expect when you hire a lawyer.  Your documents will be prepared by an experienced Ohio family law attorney, you will be entitled to unlimited phone and office consultation time and we will take care of every aspect of your case from start to finish – ALL FOR A FLAT RATE.

Standard divorce and dissolution packages are available in the following areas: Franklin County, Fayette County, Pickaway County, Union County, Delaware County, Licking County & Fairfield County.

Uncontested Divorce & Dissolution Pricing

(Rates below do not include filing fees)

  Dissolution Uncontested Divorce
No children $950 $950

With children (sole custody or shared parenting)

$1500 $1500

Do you want to avoid going to court?

Want to get your uncontested divorce or dissolution finalized without having to go to court?  Want to finalize your divorce or dissolution as quickly as possible?  Friedman Law Offices can have your case referred to a private judge for a fast and private hearing in the comfort of our downtown office for only $150.00 extra.

Are your concerned with protecting your financial and personal information?

In most cases, filing for divorce or dissolution results in your personal and financial information becoming part of the public record.  Friedman Law Offices offers the Dissolution Privacy Package that is specifically tailored to keep your private information out of the public record.  This option has added costs, but if privacy is a concern, it may be worth the extra expense.


We also offer flat rate billing for contested divorce matters.  Please call the office for a detailed quote based on your specific case.  (614) 228-2100.