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Maintaining Privacy During Dissolution Proceedings – It Can Be Done!

Question:  I am in the process of getting a dissolution and I am concerned about how much personal information I have to disclose.  I know that all of the dissolution pleadings will become public record and anyone can view them.  Is it possible to get a dissolution without having to disclose all of my personal information?  I just can’t stand the idea of friends, co-workers and potential employers knowing the details of my financial life!

That is a great question.  In Columbus, Ohio the process of filing for a dissolution requires the disclosure of a vast wealth of highly personal financial information.  Every debt and every asset must be disclosed in required affidavits and ultimately becomes part of the public record.  This means that anyone can go to the courthouse and find out the details of every asset and debt that you have.

Protecting Your Financial & Personal Information Is Possible

If you are concerned about your privacy, Friedman Law Offices offers the Dissolution Privacy Package.  The Dissolution Privacy Package will ensure that your nosey neighbors, or maybe someone much more sinister, will not be able to access to your private information by viewing your dissolution pleadings.

Public figures and the wealthy have long known the secrets of keeping their personal affairs private through the dissolution process. Now, Friedman Law Offices is proud to make privacy affordable to everyone.

The Dissolution Privacy Package Details:

  1.  All disclosure will be made privately between the parties;
  2. The details of your financial settlement will remain private and will not become part of the public record;
  3. The Affidavit of Income and Expense and the Affidavit of Property will not be filed with the Court;
  4. A private judge will preside over your final hearing in the privacy of my office;
  5. The public record will only reflect that you got a dissolution – the details will remain secure.

Privacy Package – Dissolution Rates:

Legal Fee $1,500.00
Private Judge Fee

Filing Fee/Court Costs $250.00
Total Cost