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Selecting the right Ohio divorce lawyer is a difficult task.  The ability to be honest and open with your lawyer is essential to ensure that you get the best possible outcome.  Selecting a lawyer that makes you feel comfortable is essential in building the trust necessary to foster a productive relationship.  To make sure you select the correct attorney you should consider these factors:

1.  Knowledge

Having a good working knowledge of the law is obviously an essential characteristic of any successful Ohio divorce lawyer.  To ensure that the lawyer has the requisite knowledge make sure they are able to explain the divorce process and discuss the potential outcomes of your case.  The lawyer should be able to point out the strengths and weaknesses of your case.  Additionally, you should ensure that the lawyer devotes a substantial portion of his or her practice to the area of family law.

2.  Willingness to Negotiate & Litigate

When selecting your lawyer you must make sure they are willing to work towards your desired resolution through negotiation and through litigation.  A good Ohio divorce lawyer should be willing to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement while remaining ready and willing to litigate if negotiations are unsuccessful.

3.  Communication

It is essential that the lawyer you select is willing to take the time to communicate with you regarding your concerns.  To facilitate communication you should select an Ohio divorce lawyer that uses technology to open up various means of communication.  The lawyer you select should be willing to use email, text messages, phone and video conference to facilitate easy and frequent communication.  A lawyer that incorporates technology into their practice will be in a much better position to quickly respond to your questions and concerns.

4.  Fee Structure

Lawyers employ a variety of fee structures for their services.  Up until recently, the most common fee agreement was the standard hourly fee.  Critics of the hourly fee argue that hourly billing encourages lawyers to make cases take longer so they earn more money.  I am not aware of any empirical data to support this contention but it may be worth considering.  A more modern fee agreement structure is called flat fee billing.  As the name implies a client pays a flat fee for all of the work involved with resolving the matter.  With flat fee billing a client can feel comfortable knowing that the costs for the matter will be certain.  When selecting your Ohio divorce lawyer make sure you are comfortable with the fee arrangement.  There is nothing worse for a client than having their lawyer withdraw from their case for failure to pay.

5.  Honesty

Make sure you select a lawyer that is willing to be honest with you and guide you towards a reasonable position.  Some lawyers feel uncomfortable advising their clients that they are taking an unreasonable position.  A good Ohio divorce lawyer must guide their clients in making reasonable arguments that are supported by law.  There is no reason to pay a lawyer to make unreasonable arguments that will never gain traction in court.  Make sure your lawyer can give you the bad news as well as the good news.

6.  Creativity

Divorce brings about some uniquely complex issues that require creative “outside-of-the-box” solutions.  A good Ohio divorce lawyer should be able to come up with creative remedies to satisfy all of the parties involved.  The use of creative solutions is often the difference between successful negotiations and protracted litigation.

So, how do you find an Ohio divorce lawyer that has all of these characteristics?  The best way to make sure you are hiring the right lawyer is to set up a consultation to see if you feel comfortable.  During the consultation you should be able to get a good feel to determine if the attorney is right for you.