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Friedman Law Offices is proud to announce the launch of our free Ohio Child Support Calculator.  Our support calculator automatically estimates your support obligation after you input your income, expense, child care and health insurance information.  The more information that you provide the more accurate the results!

How does the Ohio Child Support Calculator work?

After you input your information the calculator does all the work – just press CALCULATE.  Section Section 3119.022 of the Ohio Revised Code provides the formula for calculating support.  This calculator just automates the formula contained in Section 3119.022 so you don’t have to do the math. Our Ohio Child Support Calculator also calculates the amount of the Cash Medical Support Order.  The Cash Medical Support Order is an additional amount of money that has to be paid each month when neither parent provides health insurance for the child(ren).


Ohio Child Support Calculator & Shared Parenting

This Child Support Calculator works for shared parenting and sole custody situations.  However, this calculator only gives the presumptive child support figure – this means that the calculator does not give a reduction based upon shared parenting.  Under Ohio law there is no automatic reduction in support that occurs when the parties have shared parenting.  However, if your shared parenting arrangement gives greater time than the standard court order you may be entitled to a downward deviation (reduction).


When using our Ohio Child Support Calculator it is important to keep in mind that this is for educational purposes only.  Before taking legal action regarding your child support matter please consult with a qualified legal professional. In order to properly calculate child support you need to make sure that you are inputting the correct data.  Only a qualified attorney can ensure that you are using the correct data when using this, or any other, child support calculator.  Additionally, Ohio law allows courts to adjust the amount of support upward or downward from the amount calculated under the Child Support Computation Worksheet.  This means that if certain factors are present the court can raise or lower the support order.  You need to speak with a qualified attorney to see if any of these deviation factors are present in your case. OK – so if you need all of these warnings what is the point of this Ohio Child Support Calculator?  The real purpose of our Ohio Child Support Calculator is to demonstrate the relationship between income, expenses, child care and health insurance costs as it pertains to the calculation of Ohio child support.  Knowledge is power and hopefully this tool will enable you to understand some of the nuances of the Ohio Child Support system.


If you have questions about this child support calculator, or your child support obligation, please call for a free consultation – (614) 398-1617.